Build your City and become the Mayor

Getting bored of playing clash of clans or Clash Royale or just need a change of air with your mobile games then you can get started with something interesting, like being a Mayor and building your city? Might sound funny but this game is pretty addictive in a good way, and you will have to like it once you start playing. Simcity Buildit is an open-ended citybuilding video game designed by Will Wright developed by Electronic Arts, published back in 1989. It’s a best-selling video. It is developed by Maxis, Tilted Mill Entertainment, Aspyr Media, Full Fat, Infogrames, Nintendo, EAD, Babaroga, HAL Laboratory and published by Maxis, Superior Software, Acornsoft.

The good news about this game is it is available not only iOS and Android but also on Windows and PlayStation. It was released on December 16, 2014. In the game, the player acts as the mayor, and he has a responsibility to build and develop his city and look after his city.

Tricks to play the game:

You need to do good planning when you start building your city. Initially, it might be difficult to build proper roads, but you have the option of destroying and reconstructing a road again. Make the roads such that you can get plots to build a house in them.

Have a large main avenue than having narrow roads; you will be asked to upgrade the roads into avenue depending on the population increase.

Make enough of empty spaces in between roads to fit in more houses and sims or to build up Factories, water, Power, Sewage Outflow, Fire Stations, Police Stations and Hospitals, Schools and Transportation. The better you plan, the better you will your city will grow.

To build things you might need cash which might not be available to you at that moment, do not hesitate to take a loan. If you are not willing to take a loan, you use Simcity BuildIt Hacks to get free sim cash.

Your Sims need to be happy, so provide them with all the necessary facilities and keep them happy and busy.

An industry and sewage plant should be away from the dwelling area, so keep enough distance. It would be better to have a separate industrial and a residential area.

To help develop the city you can use Simcity BuildIt Hacks which are available online.

Steps to use the hacks:

You can refer to the website and get unlimited simcity buildit simcash and simileons. You need to get started with the Start option.

Enter the details of the account.s

You can then move ahead with Run Generator.

You get a message that your verification is done, but in the rare case, you can get a Human Verification Test.

After the human verification, the final step is to restart the game and enjoy unlimited resources in your gameplay.

The sims pay a tax, and they decide the percentage of the amount to be paid by them depending on if you are keeping them happy or unhappy. If you are keeping them happy, you get to collect 20% tax every day.

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