Having trouble playing Free Fire Battleground with Mouse and Keyboard? Let BlueStacks be your guide

Playing a Battle Royale game on a mobile phone is really boring. Yes, we understand phones are the best way to play games for the vision board is really small and you have full control of it. But have you tried playing Battle Royale games on your PC? Well, if you haven’t then you are missing out on a lot of fun and adventure that comes when playing a battle royale game, like the Free Fire Battleground on your PC.

Now, for those of you who already have the game Free Fire Battleground on your PC, you must know how difficult it is sometimes to control the game. For, in your phone, the controls are minimal and not that elaborate. Whereas, on your PC the controls are vast and has a lot going on, which we fail to see on our phones.

The Free Fire Battlegrounds hack from https://thatgamehack.com/free-fire-battlegrounds-hack-tricks-help-take-enemies/ work well for phone users, however, when the big girls and boys play it on the PC, there is a lot to cover and two thumbs are not enough. In the game Free Fire Battleground, one needs to be accustomed to the control schemes and be able to move quickly. Also, it is very important to maintain your shooting skills for you need to shoot first and accurately. The more you kill the more chances are of your survival, which means you cannot miss a shoot for the enemy will have a chance to kill you before you do. Therefore, when playing this amazing game on your PC, you will have to know how to use your mouse and keyboard to your benefit instead of ‘touching’ the screen, for your eyes are on the monitor and your fingers are on the keyboard not your phone’s display screen. Another major problem is moving in the game. It is very important to know when and where to move and how to move via your keyboard controls.

Well, you needn’t worry for BlueStacks will guide you and your skill set to apply in the game when playing on PC.

The Pack offered by BlueStacks is a lot for Free Fire Battleground. The game performance is increased and offers the Battle Royale mode. By switching ON XPack on your PC, the Free Fire Battleground will turn into a PC FPS game and you can use your mouse and keyboard freely.

Steps are easy:

Press F1 to activate the ‘Battle Royale’ mode

Right click on the mouse to ‘Aim’

Move the cursor in order to move the scope

Left click on the mouse to ‘Shoot’

To navigate around the menus, hold down on the Alt key by releasing the mouse cursor

It is this simple. After the activation of your XPack, you can play the Free Fire Battleground game on your PC like a regular FPS game. This way, you can shoot and move at the same time. Also, you can execute headshots flawlessly. This feature not only helps sharpshooters and snipers, it helps amateurs and beginners too by providing better perception in the game. Having this mode actually benefits the player, helping them play it freely and with more comfort.

Guide to play the game Bullet Force Hack

The game Bullet Force Hack has a very specific aim that is to help the players of the Bullet Force to win. Moreover, the bullet force also helps you to play the game more powerfully. It is very easier for the players to play the game using the features along with gold using the fabulous hack tool. You can easily upgrade all your game weapons. The most fabulous news is that the game Bullet Force Hack 2018 is a 100% safe. It never makes you spend any penny or download any software for installing the game. Even the developers teams have worked really hard to make it sure that no threats come in the way of the players.

The game Bullet Force has no such concrete guidelines to be used laid down for the hack users. There is no such condition for which the players need to worry about. The game Bullet Force earns a lot of money from the gamers. There is nothing to worry when the players know to use the tools and graciously and earn the available credits and gold. It is always advisable to use the safety tools for maintaining the security of the users.

Techniques of using the Bullet Force Hack

The main reason for liking this hack is the players do not have to know much about the technicalities or rooting. Just visiting the website is enough for the player to gain the rewards. You can easily generate the credits and an unlimited amount of gold and easily succeed all the levels of the game. The steps to be followed for earning unlimited gold and an ample amount of credits are as follows.

First, the player needs to visit the genuine website of Bullet Force Hack.

Then in the fields provided just enter the username that the player would like to use for the maintaining the account of Bullet Force account.

Then click on the option generate.

Now the player will be provided with the notification that the credit and the gold all are added to the players account.

Lastly, open the account and check whether that you have been provided with the requested amount.

Can a gamer play Bullet Force Hack without money?

The game Bullet Force Hack can even be played by the gamer when the gamer is devoid of money and time. As all the players know that the gold and the credits will surely allow the players to buy the unlock gadgets, powerful weapons, and the laser sights. So there are ample chances where you can put effort to reload your time and run much faster through the game levels. It is a very obvious thing that you need this very hack tool to reach the top levels of the hack tool. So don’t just go on worrying about the collection of the gold. This is the best ever opportunity where a player can make utilization of creativity by choosing the right options and the required techniques.

IPhone and N95 Clash in Smartphone War

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Undaunted and perhaps encouraged by the price of the iPhone, Nokia has launched a $750 cell phone–ousting the iPhone to become one of the most expensive smartphones on the market. Nokia touts its N95 as an “all-in-one multimedia computer”. Features on the phone include a dual-slide design, a 5 megapixel camera, a multimedia player, networking through Cingular and AT T;, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

The N95 beats the iPhone in an area that many critics have already pointed out as a weakness of Apple’s smartphone. The N95 uses 3G networking technology, which is faster than the 2.5G technology the iPhone uses. A Santa Monica, California, based company called WiFiMobile has released VOIP software for smartphones which have Wi-Fi capabilities and 3G coverage. Essentially, once purchasing the N95 and the VOIP software, users can make free phone calls to to land lines or mobile phones almost anywhere. Currently, the software works exclusively with Nokia Nseries and Eseries phones.

What about that ball and chain combination cell phone carriers like to call 2 year contracts? Surely that would put a damper on any VOIP celebration. However, both Apple and Nokia have decided not to sell their phones through conventional means (which is through carriers). This means users won’t be tied down to Cingular and AT T;, but it also means the carriers won’t be offering discounts on the phones. As time goes one, analysts will watch to see if consumers choose heavy up front costs, over relatively low up front costs and a contract.

Apple’s biggest advantage is the hype surrounding the iPhone and the iPod owners who are eager to gobble up the next thing Apple offers. AT T; CEO Randal Stephenson reports that his company has recieved over 1

million inquiries about the iPhone.

Nokia isn’t Apple’s only competitor in the smartphone market. Several other phones have been introduced which analysts believe offer similar features for much less. In Information Week, technology analyst Richard Martin says that in the smartphone market, ‘…six months (the lag between Apple’s iPhone announcement and the planned release) is a lifetime.” Continuing, he adds “A slew of innovative ‘converged’ devices, from the Samsung UpStage, to the HTC Shift to the Helio Ocean, have been introduced since January. Each features much of the multimedia muscle of the iPhone–and all sell for way less than $500.”

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Build your City and become the Mayor

Getting bored of playing clash of clans or Clash Royale or just need a change of air with your mobile games then you can get started with something interesting, like being a Mayor and building your city? Might sound funny but this game is pretty addictive in a good way, and you will have to like it once you start playing. Simcity Buildit is an open-ended citybuilding video game designed by Will Wright developed by Electronic Arts, published back in 1989. It’s a best-selling video. It is developed by Maxis, Tilted Mill Entertainment, Aspyr Media, Full Fat, Infogrames, Nintendo, EAD, Babaroga, HAL Laboratory and published by Maxis, Superior Software, Acornsoft.

The good news about this game is it is available not only iOS and Android but also on Windows and PlayStation. It was released on December 16, 2014. In the game, the player acts as the mayor, and he has a responsibility to build and develop his city and look after his city.

Tricks to play the game:

You need to do good planning when you start building your city. Initially, it might be difficult to build proper roads, but you have the option of destroying and reconstructing a road again. Make the roads such that you can get plots to build a house in them.

Have a large main avenue than having narrow roads; you will be asked to upgrade the roads into avenue depending on the population increase.

Make enough of empty spaces in between roads to fit in more houses and sims or to build up Factories, water, Power, Sewage Outflow, Fire Stations, Police Stations and Hospitals, Schools and Transportation. The better you plan, the better you will your city will grow.

To build things you might need cash which might not be available to you at that moment, do not hesitate to take a loan. If you are not willing to take a loan, you use Simcity BuildIt Hacks to get free sim cash.

Your Sims need to be happy, so provide them with all the necessary facilities and keep them happy and busy.

An industry and sewage plant should be away from the dwelling area, so keep enough distance. It would be better to have a separate industrial and a residential area.

To help develop the city you can use Simcity BuildIt Hacks which are available online.

Steps to use the hacks:

You can refer to the website simcitybuildcheatsworld.com and get unlimited simcity buildit simcash and simileons. You need to get started with the Start option.

Enter the details of the account.s

You can then move ahead with Run Generator.

You get a message that your verification is done, but in the rare case, you can get a Human Verification Test.

After the human verification, the final step is to restart the game and enjoy unlimited resources in your gameplay.

The sims pay a tax, and they decide the percentage of the amount to be paid by them depending on if you are keeping them happy or unhappy. If you are keeping them happy, you get to collect 20% tax every day.

Cheat for Fireballs and Arrows on the King’s Tower

From the same people that gave us masterfully designed games like Clash of Clans and Hay Day, comes a brilliant strategy game called Clash Royale. It is a free to premium game like other most free upgradeable mobile games The game is all about strategy and knowing when to pull out your hidden moves and ploys and attack your opponent into submission. The central theme of the game is defending your towers from the enemy attacks during a battle, while at the same time planning out attacks against your enemy by destroying their towers as well.
It’s all a balance of what you choose to do with the cards, troops and attacks you hold in your hands. You can choose to use up all your resources and currency as soon as you see an opportunity fit for it but you can also adopt a plan where your sole purpose in the game play is to advance forward and collect resources slowly and steadily and level up by advancing your XP points.

A lot of players find it better to play naturally and learn things on their own and figure out how to get around the modules present in the game, however, there are some really good Clash Royale cheats that you can use to advance faster and level up. Using Clash Royale cheats can present some very interesting options that we will explore in this article.

Clash Royale Cheats for Wrecking the King’s Tower with Fireballs and Arrows
During the battle sequences in the Clash Royale game, you will be faced with a moment in the battle when after your enemy’s rival towers go down, their King’s Tower will start attacking you following soon after. So it is very important to remember that when using these clash4hack. The King’s tower also gets prone to start an attack against you if you launch the first attack against it.

Now, to prepare yourself against this blatant attack by the King’s Towers or when you feel like you can start taking them down, start throwing fireballs and arrows at the tower. Combining both these moves is going to help your troops out that are busy fighting in the field and with this force you can easily take the King’s tower down. Save your fireballs and arrows for this attack and watch the magic!

Reviewing the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

With the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G, consumers now have a pretty well-made Android smartphone with a keyboard and great messaging capabilities. I’ll state right away that this phone isn’t for everyone, but keyboard lovers and new smartphone users should take to this smartphone right away. The phone does have its quirks, but it is an overall great smartphone addition to T-Mobile’s lineup. Here’s the review.
In my opinion, the Sidekick 4G looks vaguely reminiscent of the LG Voyager from years ago. The phone features a 3.5-inch touchscreen with a slide out keyboard. Multiple navigation buttons exist on the phone too. Unfortunately, the phone is a bit plasticky, so not everyone will like the look of the phone. Still, the phone is durable and won’t break easily. Using the touchscreen is simple as it is responsive, but it isn’t as beautiful looking as the Samsung Galaxy S phones or the Motorola Atrix 4G. As for the keyboard, it is extremely easy to use, so texters will love this device. The buttons on the keyboard are spread out from each other, so anyone of any size can use the device. Sadly, the 5 megapixel camera on the device is a bit lacking.

Browsing the Internet or downloading a song is extremely fast due to T-Mobile’s 4G network. On top of that, navigating with the touchscreen works like a charm. The Sidekick 4G runs on Android 2.2.1, so it does have some kick to it – it isn’t a baby of a phone. However, the phone truly shines through when it comes to texting and messaging. Typing on the keyboard is lightning fast, so smartphone users that swear by keyboards are in luck because there probably isn’t a better Andriod smartphone with a keyboard when it comes to messaging.

During calls, the phone sounds as good as any other phone. Very few calls get dropped on the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G. Messages and e-mails send and receive quickly too. At some points though, the smartphone can start to slow down if you run tons of applications or something like that. Otherwise, the phone has very few issues. The camera isn’t great, but it isn’t horrible. Having an Android phone with a great keyboard will be enough for plenty of users.

So then, T-Mobile users have another great smartphone in their clutches. The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G might not look as slick as other smartphones, but it does perform with the best of them. Also, the phone has very few flaws, but the camera could be better, and some users won’t like the interface of the phone. Despite those minor issues, the Sidekick 4G is a great phone that smartly combined the Sidekick, 4G, Android, a touchscreen, and a physical keyboard.

For more information, visit T-Mobile Sidekick 4G.

Resident Evil 5 Hands-on Preview for Xbox 360

Released in 2005, Resident Evil 4 reinvented the survivor-horror formula of and ended up being one of the best action games ever. Resident Evil 5 hopes to follow suit on its predecessor’s success by upping the ante. Will the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 sequel surpass Resident Evil 4? Find out in this hands-on preview of Resident Evil 5 for the Xbox 360.

After the event of the original Resident Evil in Raccoon City, Chris Redfield joined the Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance. He was then sent to Africa to investigate a new virus transforming normal people into vicious creatures.


Resident Evil 5 will be one of the best-looking high-definition games yet when it comes out. Everything, from the environments to the character models, is highly detailed and super sharp.


The voice-acting is pretty solid for a cheesy action game. Intense background should keep your blood pumping while you try to strive off against dozens of vicious enemies.


Resident Evil 4 fans should immediately be familiar with Resident Evil 5 since the sequel did not deviate from the formula.

Just like its prequel, Resident Evil 5 gets rid of the fixed camera angle from the older games in the series. Instead, the camera is placed right behind the player’s back at an angle. This change has made Resident Evil 4 into of the best action game of all time and also one of the most influential.

Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 are also more action-packed than previously games in the survivor-horror series. You have dozens of enemies swarming you at once. Since the creatures you encounter are no longer zombies, your enemies are also faster and smarter. To counter this, you also get plenty of weapons and ammo at your disposal.

Resident Evil 5 differs from Resident Evil 4 in that you have a partner alongside to help you out, which changes the formula somewhat. Although you got a helping hand, the game will also end if either you or your partner dies. Still, playing the game cooperatively with another friend on the same television screen or online is an absolute blast.

Although long time fans may be upset that the Resident Evil series is no longer the scariest games around, they can still expect an excellent action title with great cooperative action.

Resident Evil 5 controls in the following ways:

Left Analog: strafe; hold a to run

Right Analog: rotate

Directional Pad: quick select items and weapons

Left Bumper: use knife

Left Trigger: ready weapon

Right Bumper: view map

Right Trigger: locate partner; fire while holding down Left Trigger

A: reload while holding weapon

B: call partner/ perform partner action

X: context sensitive action

Y: open inventory

Final Product

Players can expect a fairly lengthy story mode filled with numerous exciting moments and several extras in the final version.

Resident Evil 5 may not be all that different from Resident Evil 4 but it will still be one of the better action games on the market when it comes out in March for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.

One Console May Be Enough

There are currently seven different gaming platforms out on the market: computer (PC, Mac, Linux, etc), DS, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, and Xbox 360. That’s a quite a lot of consoles if you ask me, but like any console generation, these consoles share a lot of games. Majority of playable games on the 360, I’m sure you could also find a PC version, a PS3 version or even a DS version of that game. This is a gaming generation unlike any other when more than at least 95% of the gaming library is multiplatform. Even some games considered as “exclusives” can be found to be multiplatform, especially in regards to those 360 games that can also be found on the PC. Gaming has evolved in a lot of ways as well so in many cases, many of these multiplatform games are of high quality and at times be even more worthwhile purchases than exclusives.
So why am I mentioning all this?

Well, I think that’s just one of the many reasons why while we have so many gaming platforms to choose from, just having one – at least the main HD systems like computer, PS3, or Xbox 360 – may actually be enough.

I personally only own the PSP, 60gb PS3 (thus, it can play PS2 and PSX games as well), and a really crappy laptop that can’t play anything more graphically demanding than an Xbox game like Fable, and only at the lowest settings. I used to have a Nintendo DS but I ended up losing it (I think it fell out of my backpack somehow). Now, it is true that I’ve had experiences with the other consoles since one of my closest friends is a video game collector but even so, I think I would be perfectly happy with just owning and playing on one of these consoles. Even with just the PSP or the PS3, there are still many great games to play on those system that it can be easy to ignore the other systems.

I guess having just one console or system would make fanboys out of us but with the gaming market so oversaturated (average of 300 games get released every single month), I think it’s inevitable that we come to consider one of our systems as the “main” console. If that’s the case, then perhaps it’s more economical to invest on just one console and buy games solely for that console. This would be a hard concept to accept for video game collectors but really, who needs and even has time for all video game platforms? Even discounting the handheld systems, there”s just far too many games for a single person to handle.

When owning multiple consoles, it’s only natural to have an obligation to buy games for all those consoles. Imagine owning a high-end PC, a PS3, and the Wii. Buying games for all three would be a very expensive feat and beyond that, it also requires a lot of leisure time. What is likely to happen is that the Wii would probably be left unplayed and collect dust for months while PC gets the dominant play time with the PS3 being played once in while when a good new exclusive comes out for it. For people with money, this doesn’t seem that big a deal, but really, if that’s the likely scenario then it’s kind of a shame that there wouldn’t be return investment on money that was spent so much on the PS3 and on the Wii.

Every gamer has that fantasy of owning every gaming console and trying out all the hot new games that come out and having a blast with all of them but while that’s a really sweet dream, I don’t think it’s a must. I think it may actually simply be much more beneficial, at least for regular consumers, to enjoy one or two platforms fully, instead of buying all these consoles with a lot of them acting as nothing more than dust collectors and placeholders.

Maybe I’m only speaking for myself here, but I mostly just play with my PS3 and my PSP and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, I’m quite enjoying it.

Why I Love Playing the Sims 2: The Most Addictive Lame Game Ever

I have something of a guilty pleasure – well, maybe many, I suppose, if I’m honest. But probably first and foremost on that list is my sad, terrible addiction to The Sims 2. But why, you may ask, am I addicted to a kids’ game such as this? Well, I’ll tell you exactly why. Because I am completely fascinated by genetics.
Those of you unfamiliar with The Sims 2 may have no idea as to what genetics may have to do with this rather mundane (but beautifully so), neverending game – it’s easy, for instance, to play for hours upon hours on end without any awareness as to the passage of time. But genetics come into play in this game in a big way. Unlike in earlier incarnations of the game, in this version, Sims can actually conceive by the regular means of doing so, carry a fetus, give birth (in a very unrealistic, and very euphemistic kind of way, mind you) and pass their genes on to their progeny. This is a source of constant fascination for me as I dream up all the possible genetic combinations, attempting to perpetuate the existence of exotic, almond-shaped eyes, or dark skin with blond hair, or round, rosy cheeks, within my Sim population, depending on my proclivity on any particular day.

The architectural aspects of the game are also compelling, and in fact, they were the reason the game’s creators at EA Games initially dreamed the product up. You can build and design your own houses and community lots, and you can furnish them. Additional items are also available online, generally for free. Furthermore, expansion packs are ready to buy. I personally purchased (or rather, a relative bought me) The Sims 2: Seasons, which supplements the already good-sized playable world with a new neighborhood entirely, and it allows your Sims to plant gardens, rake leaves, and play in the snow. It’s awesome.

This may sound kind of lame and ridiculous, but it is lots and lots of fun; one of the more fun things you can do while on your couch, dare I say. The Sims in The Sims 2 can even pass on recessive genes that may appear in grandchildren or great-grandchildren, which was an unsettlingly exciting revelation for me (I hadn’t read the instruction manual before I started playing, obviously, as this is clearly stated). The first time two blond-haired Sims produced a red-headed baby, because the maternal grandfather had red hair, I could barely contain my delight.

Make fun all you want, but the addictiveness of this game cannot be denied, whether you are obsessed with genetics or not. Mock me if you will, but check it out all the same. You will not be able to stop playing.

How to Lose Money in Clash Royale

Clash royale is one of the best mobile games in online, it was published by the Supercell so it is designed with the excellent gameplay. You have probably heard of Supercell, they are the developers of clash of clans so many of the people are provided positive feedback. In a clash royale game is used cards and it is only used for the deploying troops. Cards are obtained or found at the chest and duplicate cards are filled with the upgrade meter. Once the upgrade meter is full then clash royale player can upgrade it with the coins. In fact it is having four different levels of rarity and common rarity is signified by blue. Epic cards are signified with the purple and rare is signified by orange. In a present world there are 64 clash royale cards are available and three kinds of common cards are available which is including spell, building and troop. It is the most popular and trendy game among the youngsters because of its feature.

What are the features available in clash royale game?

In a clash royale game is designed with the excellent features and it is the best choice of game play along with your family members and friends. Actually this game is designed with the excellent numbers of features which is including

  • It is the multiplayer game so dual players can play this game with their family members and they can also trophies.
  • It is the best way to get clash royale free gems 2017, period.
  • If you are unlocking the rewards then you can earn chests and collecting new and powerful card also increase your winning possibility.
  • Players might from their clan to battle with their opponent and it is designed with the dozens of the defenses, spell and troops.
  • In case you are constructing excellent battle deck then you might easily defeat your opponents.
  • At the same time you might also challenge with your clanmates in the private battle so play this game with worldwide people.

If you are willing to know about the different tactics of clash royale game then you can watch the best duels of TV royale. It is also offered different chest event and it is really useful to get the unlimited amount of chest. Gem is the most and effective resource in clash royale because it is one of the best ways to increase your winning possibility. There are four different resources are available such as elixir, dark elixir, gold and gem. People can buy this gem at the app store and you should use your real world currency to win a game. As everyone knows there are 13 levels are available in this game and 10 arenas in this game. But each arena is required certain level of trophies.

Amazing benefits of choosing clash royale game

Clan members are engaging in the user friendly battles with other player then the outcome is not affecting your trophies or chests. Basically the friendly battle feature is allowing to the live streaming from the other clanmates players. People might also request or donate the cards among the clanmates. In 2016 August Supercell is released the amazing features of clash royale game which is known as tournament. If you are having particular numbers of the troop cards then you can easily increase your winning possibility. Once you are obtaining the opponent kings tower then you could easily win this game. It is the most interesting game and each level player might win the vast numbers of trophies. Clash royale is the best game because of its gameplay and features and it is the freemium game so players can download this game in app store.