Cheat for Fireballs and Arrows on the King’s Tower

From the same people that gave us masterfully designed games like Clash of Clans and Hay Day, comes a brilliant strategy game called Clash Royale. It is a free to premium game like other most free upgradeable mobile games The game is all about strategy and knowing when to pull out your hidden moves and ploys and attack your opponent into submission. The central theme of the game is defending your towers from the enemy attacks during a battle, while at the same time planning out attacks against your enemy by destroying their towers as well.
It’s all a balance of what you choose to do with the cards, troops and attacks you hold in your hands. You can choose to use up all your resources and currency as soon as you see an opportunity fit for it but you can also adopt a plan where your sole purpose in the game play is to advance forward and collect resources slowly and steadily and level up by advancing your XP points.

A lot of players find it better to play naturally and learn things on their own and figure out how to get around the modules present in the game, however, there are some really good Clash Royale cheats that you can use to advance faster and level up. Using Clash Royale cheats can present some very interesting options that we will explore in this article.

Clash Royale Cheats for Wrecking the King’s Tower with Fireballs and Arrows
During the battle sequences in the Clash Royale game, you will be faced with a moment in the battle when after your enemy’s rival towers go down, their King’s Tower will start attacking you following soon after. So it is very important to remember that when using these clash4hack. The King’s tower also gets prone to start an attack against you if you launch the first attack against it.

Now, to prepare yourself against this blatant attack by the King’s Towers or when you feel like you can start taking them down, start throwing fireballs and arrows at the tower. Combining both these moves is going to help your troops out that are busy fighting in the field and with this force you can easily take the King’s tower down. Save your fireballs and arrows for this attack and watch the magic!

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