Having trouble playing Free Fire Battleground with Mouse and Keyboard? Let BlueStacks be your guide

Playing a Battle Royale game on a mobile phone is really boring. Yes, we understand phones are the best way to play games for the vision board is really small and you have full control of it. But have you tried playing Battle Royale games on your PC? Well, if you haven’t then you are missing out on a lot of fun and adventure that comes when playing a battle royale game, like the Free Fire Battleground on your PC.

Now, for those of you who already have the game Free Fire Battleground on your PC, you must know how difficult it is sometimes to control the game. For, in your phone, the controls are minimal and not that elaborate. Whereas, on your PC the controls are vast and has a lot going on, which we fail to see on our phones.

The Free Fire Battlegrounds hack from https://thatgamehack.com/free-fire-battlegrounds-hack-tricks-help-take-enemies/ work well for phone users, however, when the big girls and boys play it on the PC, there is a lot to cover and two thumbs are not enough. In the game Free Fire Battleground, one needs to be accustomed to the control schemes and be able to move quickly. Also, it is very important to maintain your shooting skills for you need to shoot first and accurately. The more you kill the more chances are of your survival, which means you cannot miss a shoot for the enemy will have a chance to kill you before you do. Therefore, when playing this amazing game on your PC, you will have to know how to use your mouse and keyboard to your benefit instead of ‘touching’ the screen, for your eyes are on the monitor and your fingers are on the keyboard not your phone’s display screen. Another major problem is moving in the game. It is very important to know when and where to move and how to move via your keyboard controls.

Well, you needn’t worry for BlueStacks will guide you and your skill set to apply in the game when playing on PC.

The Pack offered by BlueStacks is a lot for Free Fire Battleground. The game performance is increased and offers the Battle Royale mode. By switching ON XPack on your PC, the Free Fire Battleground will turn into a PC FPS game and you can use your mouse and keyboard freely.

Steps are easy:

Press F1 to activate the ‘Battle Royale’ mode

Right click on the mouse to ‘Aim’

Move the cursor in order to move the scope

Left click on the mouse to ‘Shoot’

To navigate around the menus, hold down on the Alt key by releasing the mouse cursor

It is this simple. After the activation of your XPack, you can play the Free Fire Battleground game on your PC like a regular FPS game. This way, you can shoot and move at the same time. Also, you can execute headshots flawlessly. This feature not only helps sharpshooters and snipers, it helps amateurs and beginners too by providing better perception in the game. Having this mode actually benefits the player, helping them play it freely and with more comfort.

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