IPhone and N95 Clash in Smartphone War

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Undaunted and perhaps encouraged by the price of the iPhone, Nokia has launched a $750 cell phone–ousting the iPhone to become one of the most expensive smartphones on the market. Nokia touts its N95 as an “all-in-one multimedia computer”. Features on the phone include a dual-slide design, a 5 megapixel camera, a multimedia player, networking through Cingular and AT T;, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

The N95 beats the iPhone in an area that many critics have already pointed out as a weakness of Apple’s smartphone. The N95 uses 3G networking technology, which is faster than the 2.5G technology the iPhone uses. A Santa Monica, California, based company called WiFiMobile has released VOIP software for smartphones which have Wi-Fi capabilities and 3G coverage. Essentially, once purchasing the N95 and the VOIP software, users can make free phone calls to to land lines or mobile phones almost anywhere. Currently, the software works exclusively with Nokia Nseries and Eseries phones.

What about that ball and chain combination cell phone carriers like to call 2 year contracts? Surely that would put a damper on any VOIP celebration. However, both Apple and Nokia have decided not to sell their phones through conventional means (which is through carriers). This means users won’t be tied down to Cingular and AT T;, but it also means the carriers won’t be offering discounts on the phones. As time goes one, analysts will watch to see if consumers choose heavy up front costs, over relatively low up front costs and a contract.

Apple’s biggest advantage is the hype surrounding the iPhone and the iPod owners who are eager to gobble up the next thing Apple offers. AT T; CEO Randal Stephenson reports that his company has recieved over 1

million inquiries about the iPhone.

Nokia isn’t Apple’s only competitor in the smartphone market. Several other phones have been introduced which analysts believe offer similar features for much less. In Information Week, technology analyst Richard Martin says that in the smartphone market, ‘…six months (the lag between Apple’s iPhone announcement and the planned release) is a lifetime.” Continuing, he adds “A slew of innovative ‘converged’ devices, from the Samsung UpStage, to the HTC Shift to the Helio Ocean, have been introduced since January. Each features much of the multimedia muscle of the iPhone–and all sell for way less than $500.”

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